Graphic design that appeals

to strengthen your message

Effective graphic design to strengthen your message

Effective graphic design to strengthen your message The thousands of images that scream for your attention every day have one thing in common: they try to be distinctive and stand out. Whether that succeeds is a second, because most visuals do not survive the sorting in your subconscious “filter mechanism”.


Mennes Creative understands the art of functional creativity. From a passion for graphic design and years of experience, we design eye-catching expressions that perfectly match the message you want to convey. From infographic to full corporate identity, from business presentation to brochure; we guarantee that your communication will be clearer and your expressions impress, so that you can convince people. We bring your ideas to life and have everything to build original and refreshing bridges between print, web and mobile.

There is no arguing about taste … right?

Whether or not graphic design is seen as ‘beautiful’ always remains subjective. Nevertheless, certain standards also play a role in the printing industry today. Contemporary print media usually look a lot slicker than roughly 10 years ago. Yet for graphic design the most important thing is that the target group is reached and the design serves the information that needs to be transferred. What message do you want to convey with your corporate identity? Which image is most suitable for reaching your target group? In addition, the cross-media nature of this time, in which social media and mobile communication are becoming increasingly important, requires creative insights that blur the boundaries between web, print and different devices.

Curious about the added value of functional creativity?

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    Corporate Identity: a distinctive corporate identity

    In a society where the range is very diverse and graphic design plays a major role in the assessment of your organization, a clear and recognizable corporate identity that appeals to your target group is crucial. What do you want to convey with your logo and corporate identity? Because that is the first thing that a (potential) customer sees, it is very important that the first impression evokes positive associations and is also recognizable. Mennes Creative thinks along with you in all areas and designs a suitable house style that is original, creative and effective. With us you can be sure that your organization radiates professionalism and quality.

    Print media old-fashioned?

    They have often heard cries: “the time of paper is over” or “the paper newspaper is dying.” But despite the rise of the internet and the massive embracing of online, traditional print media still play a very prominent role today. And although we have embraced the smartphones and tablets collectively, this certainly does not mean the end of traditional print media as we have known them for centuries. Moreover; it offers new opportunities for visual stimulation. Mennes Creative is happy to help you achieve coherence in your expressions: from print to web and mobile. In our view, unity in all your expressions is of great importance to contribute to recognition and reinforcement of your organization and message.

    No content without content

    Although one recipe for success for graphic design is not valid, we use a clear-cut approach so that our designs penetrate to the core of the (your!) Case. At Mennes Creative, graphic design always starts with a barrage of questions. We ask our clients the shirt to get exactly what they want to achieve and which target group should be addressed. In our view, creativity should be at the service of a clear strategy in order to achieve results. What follows is a sheet of paper; various ideas are explained on the basis of sketches and concepts are visualized in their roughest form. By then digitizing those sketches, the direction is given to the visualizations, which give your ideas a face and your message always more clearly. The end results are then further elaborated on the basis of this, the form serving the message.

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