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Custom for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android Smartphone / Tablet

In recent years, the number of smartphone and tablet users has duties of an enormous flight and this rising line is still continuing every day. The number of smartphone users has increased exponentially and in more than half of all Dutch households today at least one tablet can be found. These developments mean that the world around us is becoming more mobile; Internet access is no longer limited to the PC in the computer corner. More and more people literally have the world wide web in their pocket.


Mobile has the future: unlimited possibilities of mobile apps

The new opportunities that these mobile developments offer are endless. With the increased use of smartphones and tablets, completely new markets have emerged. Markets full of new opportunities and possibilities, in which the development of mobile applications plays a crucial role. Mobile therefore has the future and Mennes Creative offers you the opportunity to respond effectively to this. Mennes Creative is able to develop native mobile apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android. In addition, we build mobile web applications that dynamically adapt to the browser screen on any device. Thanks to the new standards on the web – HTML5 and CSS3 – your mobile application adapts to any device that your target group uses.

Idea for a mobile app? We can build it for you!

At Mennes Creative we not only apply the latest mobile technologies, we also think along creatively and commercially. Something is not just being built; we ensure that your idea gets a commercial translation so that the mobile app perfectly matches your intended goal (group). We look forward to working with you to see what the options are, in a way that suits you best. Leave your telephone number or e-mail address here and we will contact you!

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    Native mobile apps

    Native mobile apps are applications that can be downloaded as a small program by mobile users. iPhone users download their iPhone applications in the App Store; owners of an Android device do that in the Google Play virtual store. A major advantage of a native application is in the first place the fact that they can fully utilize all the possibilities of the smartphone on which they are installed. For example, photos or voice notes can be recorded directly from the mobile app.

    Mobile Web Apps

    Mobile web apps are an alternative to the native mobile application, which therefore runs stand-alone on the relevant mobile operating system. These are applications that do not run as local applications on the device, but are called from the mobile browser. A frequently heard cry is that native apps offer more options for optimizing user convenience than mobile browser apps. Thanks to the arrival of HTML5, however, that assumption must be adjusted. Thanks to this technology, platform independent applications can be developed that automatically adapt to the device with which they are called.

    Best of both worlds

    Mennes Creative has the expertise to develop both native mobile application and mobile browser applications. Whether it is a mobile app with which you want to redesign the content of your existing website, a mobile app that is a supplement to your responsive website or a hybrid app that combines the best of both worlds; you have come to the right place! We specialize in cross-media development and are happy to discuss with you about your ideas and the unlimited possibilities that mobile apps offer.

    How Mennes develops Creative Apps

    With regard to the development of mobile apps, we always use a clear approach at Mennes Creative. The business case is determined first. We look at the extent to which your idea has potential and is really new. We then map your target group and make an inventory of its needs. How can your app best respond to that? This is followed by commercial translation because results must also be achieved. Based on this, the strategy of your mobile app is formulated and then translated into a conceptual model. Rough sketches explain how the app should work based on a conceptual model. The next step is to convert this interaction design to a graphical interface. The technical realization follows, in which the app is actually built and links are made with existing systems. The prototype is extensively tested by us prior to delivery, so that you do not even see the first bugs. You then have a month to thoroughly test the end result, followed by publication in the App Store / Google Play.

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