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About This Project

The possibility of comparing the huge range of printers in the Netherlands in a well-arranged manner was not yet there, until Mennes Creative delivered the concept
This online application offers visitors the opportunity to compare different types of printed matter, including price, numbers and weight. The results are displayed in a well-arranged manner and you can easily click through to see more details of the offer.

Additional information can also be consulted about the company that offers the printed matter. In addition to name and address data, it is visible at a glance whether, for example, one has its own DTP department and which other products are offered by the company.

After the visitor has created an account and is logged in, one can also give ratings in different areas and write reviews about the experiences with the provider. You can also respond to news messages or post in the forum.

Furthermore, an overview with the most attractive offers, a multi-quote applicant and an “I paid too much” function have been developed. With this, visitors can fill in a number of product specifications and check the price they have paid to check whether there are suppliers at that offer this product at a cheaper price. If that is not the case, it looks like the customer has received value for money. In that case the managers of CompareDrukwerk contact the relevant printer to let other visitors also benefit from the relevant offer.

In addition to the log-in option for visitors, printed matter providers can also go to a closed control panel to change their profile there, manage their offer, view details of advertisements that they have running on and consult invoices. CompareDrukwerk’s business model is aimed, among other things, at having companies pay for a premium membership, so that they have more options on the platform.
Thanks to the user-friendly yet very extensive back-end, the administrators of Compare Drukwerk have complete freedom in the management of the online application. In addition to page, news, menu, file and member management, a large number of functions are tailor-made for the client. For example, newsletters can be sent from the management section to all companies or to all members. The administrator can also choose to send the mailing to both companies and members. When the administrator sends the mailing to members, he can choose members with a specific interest. In this way segmentation is possible.

In addition, administrators of Compare Drukwerk can create product types, product criteria and product variables themselves, in order to optimally streamline the large range of printed matter. You can also easily create a company in the “Business manager”. A password can then be assigned to this, with which companies can easily log in to the control panel and have the option to manage their product range themselves. The premium status can of course only be granted by the managers, which in turn has implications for the possibilities for companies and invoicing.

The manager has complete freedom in creating and linking store options (such as home delivery yes / no, etc.) and regions in which the providers are classified. Ads can be created easily, dragged to different places on the site and then one can consult statistics (number of clicks / views in different periods) of those ads. You can also give companies access to the real-time statistics of their advertisements, and prepare and send invoices from the system in PDF format. is a good example of the versatile custom solutions that Mennes Creative provides. A combination between appealing design and the latest internet technologies results in a user-friendly web application for both manager and end user, which is also easy to find in the search engines.

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