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About This Project

Wantijpop is an intimate, free garden party for friends and families. For this festival, the Waterpark is being converted into a large, cozy garden with picnic tables, rugs, and lights. The intimacy and friendly atmosphere are typical Wantijpop, but the most important thing is of course the music. Both regional talents and (inter) national top acts can be found on the various stages.


At Wantijpop there is something for everyone, from young to old. The little ones can go to the Children’s Garden of Koning Eik, where you can have your face painted or enjoy the puppet show. While young people and adults can have a great time at the Rabobank Stage, the Popcentrale Podium, the Pop-up Market or the Jam session. There is also no lack of delicacies. Wantijpop works together with regional parties to provide visitors with all kinds of goodies. And even after the festival it is not ready yet, anyone who is not yet ready to party can go to an after party!