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In recent decades, the internet has evolved from a useful source of information to a contemporary extension of the world around us. The web is becoming more and more intertwined in our society and with the breakthrough of the smartphone and tablet an extra dimension has been added: mobile. A contemporary website that adapts to the device on which it is viewed is therefore advisable to position you online today and to address your target group in the right way. But there is more to web design …

Custom mobile apps

For IOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android smartphone / tablet

In recent years, the number of smartphone and tablet users has taken an enormous flight and this rising line is still continuing every day. The number of smartphone users has increased exponentially and in more than half of all Dutch households today at least one tablet can be found. These developments mean that the world around us is becoming more mobile; Internet access is no longer limited to the PC in the computer corner. More and more people literally have the worldwide web in their pocket.

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    Searchmachine optimalisation

    Better your website higher in Google

    With SEO, or search engine optimization, you can ensure that your website is found better in the results of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. By applying SEO continuously you will become more and more findable for your (potential) customers. With the help of our specialists you can optimize your website. By, among other things, making use of search terms that are widely used by your target group or applying related SEO content.

    Content marketing

    Outsource website management

    To keep the websiteor webshop up-to-date, we have a service that provides content marketing on a subscription basis. Clients choose the type of content, the desired frequency, tone of voice and we take care of the rest. This can be a monthly number of blogs, landing pages or product photos. But also texts that need to be rewritten, images and / or messages on social media to be optimized.

    A modern web store

    is conversion-oriented and ready for mobile

    The number of consumers who make online purchases in web shop requirements has increased exponentially over the past ten years. The magical limit of ten million Dutch online shoppers has now been broken and the end is not yet in sight. Moreover; thanks to the arrival of the smartphone and the tablet, it will only become easier for your potential customer to purchase your products. And thanks to social media, serious online customer loyalty is no longer just for the big retailers. In short: plenty of opportunities, but how do you approach that, such a web store with the modern possibilities of today?

    Web applications that work

    Custom application development

    Where the internet started with simple and static websites, the online landscape was enriched with web applications. These are interactive applications that run entirely on the web. Web applications offer numerous possibilities to bring your most innovative ideas to life, to better serve your target group and to optimize and speed up your processes. Thanks to the fact that web applications streamline information and clarify communication between you and your target group, they contribute to improved interaction, increased efficiency and more effectiveness in your organization. As a result, thanks to web applications you can not only tap into new markets, but also realize significant cost savings.

    Manage your site without technical knowledge

    with a content management system (CMS)

    Thanks to the development of the internet, modern websites have grown into colorful collections of online content. An interplay of text, video and visual stimuli serves to inform, entertain and / or recruit visitors. Where in the past the code was used to get everything neatly in place, today a content management system (CMS) offers a solution to easily manage and keep all the content of your website up to date. Without technical knowledge!

    Effective graphic design

    to strengthen your message

    In our society dominated by incentives, appearance, design and appearance play a very prominent role. The thousands of images that scream for your attention every day have one thing in common: they try to be distinctive and stand out. Whether that succeeds is a second, because most visuals do not survive the sorting in your subconscious “filter mechanism”.

    3D impressions

    three-dimensional impress

    In a world that is increasingly dominated by illusion and speed, and where visualizations are becoming more realistic every day, 3D impressions literally provide an extra dimension. Often graphic designs in two dimensions simply do not come out sufficiently. The three-dimensional illustration and animation of your idea, product or object then provides that little bit extra in the visual field.