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Focused on conversion, ready for mobile

The number of consumers who make online purchases in web stores has increased exponentially over the past ten years. The magical limit of ten million Dutch online shoppers has now broken and the end is not yet in sight.


Moreover; thanks to the arrival of the smartphone and the tablet, it will only become easier for your potential customer to purchase your products. And thanks to social media, serious online customer loyalty is no longer just for big retailers. In short: plenty of opportunities, but how do you approach that, such a web store with the modern possibilities of today?


Convert the visitors to your webshop into buyers

A webshop must generate money, where it’s all about conversion: turning visitors into buyers. Developing a webshop sounds simple, but unfortunately building a webshop is not a guarantee of success. The Mennes Creative web store solutions start with translating your online sales strategy into a streamlined web shop, digitizing your product range, optimizing for search engines and promoting your online merchandise on social media. To make your web store really successful, adjustments must then be made continuously. Not only in terms of products but above all with regard to the experience of your visitors, the refinement of your advertisements and the streamlining and automation of the logistics surrounding your sales processes. Mennes Creative has everything to make your webshop strategy a success.

Your sales strategy translated into a contemporary webshop

If you decide to start an online store, it always starts with developing an online sales strategy for your company. What do you want to sell and to which target group? How do you ensure that your products reach your customers? How are inventory management and payments handled? Mennes Creative has asked these questions countless times and helped retailers in different sectors to make the commercial translation to selling their products in their own webshop.

Measuring is knowing; sell more thanks to search engines

Without visitors, there is little to sell with your webshop. That is why we ensure that every web shop that we deliver is a search engine friendly web shop and makes visitor behavior transparent thanks to online measurements.

Start a webshop? Take a strategic approach!

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    Customer loyalty thanks to social media

    Social media such as Facebook or Instagram can not only be used to promote your webshop and products, but also enable you to interact with your visitors and to bind them to you. We are happy to help you make effective use of your presence on social media, but are also able to integrate the technical possibilities that are offered in your e-commerce strategy.


    In our vision, the client is always central. So in Mennes Creative you will find a party that realizes solutions for your e-commerce issue with an open mind and with a fresh eye, without sticking to specific software. We have extensive experience with custom web stores and custom web shops based on the open source packages Magento and WooCommerce. We have selected these open source packages for user-friendliness, scalability and stability. For webshop development we have realized customized solutions to meet the specific wishes of our clients.