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Where the internet started with simple and static websites, the online landscape has been enriched with web applications in the last decade. These are interactive applications that run entirely on the web and in fact have made everything 2.0. Web applications offer numerous possibilities to bring your most innovative ideas to life, to better serve your target group and to optimize and speed up your processes.


Thanks to the fact that web applications streamline information and clarify communication between you and your target group, they contribute to improved interaction, increased efficiency and more effectiveness in your organization. In this way, you can not only tap into new markets thanks to web applications but also realize significant cost savings.


Online applications

There are many examples of web applications. In fact, any business process can be translated into a web application. At Mennes Creative you can have a future-oriented web application developed. We think in terms of online solutions: it is second nature to us to translate your business case into a web application. We have now proven that we can develop customized web applications quickly and attractively priced. There are numerous examples of applications or (business) processes that can be translated into a web application that runs online. A number of examples are: extranet for customers and relations, intranet for employees with the time registration system, webshop / web store, mobile app, comparison site
or a video platform. No matter how far your online ambitions reach; the solution-oriented nature of Mennes Creative always ensures that your idea or process is converted into an innovative online solution.

Strong dynamics

Thanks to the dynamic nature of web applications, they are easy to manage and you can reach your target group directly via a browser with the interactive applications, without having to install additional software locally.

The information processing of web applications is therefore not static but dynamic; this is retrieved from databases. On the other hand, the web application is also fed through the database, in a protected environment. Thanks to the user-friendly management systems that Mennes Creative develops and implements, you don’t have to be a technician to manage a web application. Everything works intuitively but at the same time very effectively. This allows you to manage all facets of your web application at any time and anywhere in the world!

Security and Scalability

Security plays a very important role in the development of web applications at Mennes Creative. By default, all protected parts of the web application can only be reached with a login name and password. Logging in is done via an encrypted connection, so that the data flows between your computer and the web application by using. encryption cannot be read by third parties. We also take various measures in the code to guarantee the security of your web application.

The web applications that we develop are scalable; even with large numbers of users, they continue to do what they have to do. The code is clearly programmed and optimally structured so that the stability and speed of the web application are guaranteed. Thanks to the fact that the information is stored centrally, the web application can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer connected to the internet. In addition, we provide a daily remote backup as standard, so that both files and databases are always stored in two physically separated locations.

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    Since web applications are complex online applications, there is a risk of user-friendliness being compromised. In addition to proper operation, we at Mennes Creative believe it is very important that the user can work optimally with the web application. Thanks to well-arranged functions, smart applications and extensive demonstrations, clear explanations and instructions after delivery, we guarantee the manageability of all web applications that we deliver.

    Functional Engineering

    Every web application delivered by Mennes Creative is based on the latest online trends and techniques. Where the internet landscape is constantly changing, we change with it! All our web applications are built using PHP (programming language) and MySQL (databases). In addition, we have extensive experience with different frameworks, so that your web application is optimally structured and security and scalability are guaranteed. We convert complex technology into functional applications that the user can easily manage. Apparently complicated problems are easily solved thanks to the web applications of Mennes Creative!


    When developing web applications, Mennes Creative uses a structured approach that is optimally streamlined thanks to our many years of experience. Every project starts with a preliminary process in which your wishes and requirements are tested. A functional design is then developed in which the various components of the web application are worked out. This serves as the basis for the graphic design and the technical realization, the actual main activities of each project. Before delivery takes place, we first thoroughly test everything ourselves, after which a customized training follows. Continuous support after completion is possible in various forms. In this way we ensure that the web applications that we deliver are well thought out, meet the latest standards in terms of safety and user-friendliness and the wishes and requirements of the client. In addition, what you have in mind forms the basis; we do not stubbornly stick to a certain standard product. Moreover, we know from experience that a web application requires the possibility of progressive insight. We do not stare blindly at clear-cut project plans: we realize like no other that developing a web application is a process that continuously leads to changing insights. Contact us today to brainstorm about your online ambitions!

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