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In recent decades, the internet has evolved from a useful source of information to a contemporary extension of the world around us. The web is becoming more and more intertwined in our society and with the breakthrough of the smartphone and tablet an extra dimension has been added: mobile. A contemporary website that adapts to the device on which it is viewed is therefore advisable to position you online today and to address your target group in the right way. But there is more to web design.


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What is responsive web design? Although opinions are divided on this, everything starts with the graphical element; tight responsive web design is the calling card that you give online to your target group. So the first impression could be a feast for the eyes. Yet a website that only looks professional thanks to appealing web design is not enough. Webdesign revolves around the interaction between design and content, so that your message comes across perfectly and your visitor is encouraged to take targeted action. But there are more facets that are just as important nowadays.

Web designers with a clear vision and thorough approach

The web design agency Mennes Creative translates your wishes and ideas into a contemporary responsive web design that delivers results. We have more than 10 years of experience in building and designing websites. As a professional internet agency, we successfully serve various sectors. Our strength? The link between functional technology and appealing design, in combination with academic expertise in various disciplines. We always make fixed agreements about the price in advance to prevent surprises afterward. With a customized content management system or open source of your choice, you can manage your responsive site without technical knowledge. User-friendliness and findability are central to our responsive web design.

Clear strategy

One web design is even more beautiful than the other, but as long as you do not know exactly what you want to achieve with your website, your investment will not yield the maximum result. Mennes Creative has extensive experience in building responsive websites for clients from different sectors and various market segments. We have demonstrated that we are a sparring partner at the highest level when it comes to your online strategy and web design. Together with you, we determine your target group, analyze your competitors and define an online strategy. We look very specifically at how responsive web design can be tailor-made for you in such a way that demonstrable results are achieved.


Web design can be called user-friendly if the visitor can use the website efficiently, effectively and to the full satisfaction. Regardless of the device, he uses to open the responsive website: whether it concerns a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. A mobile-friendly website that only looks professional thanks to appealing web design is not enough. Although the responsive web design is so beautiful; if the information on your professional website is not easy to find by your target group, the web design will miss its purpose. With us, the user’s ease of use is central to the entire web design process.

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    Building a website is one thing, but designing responsive web design in such a way that the site is easy to find in search engines is a job in itself. The advantages of responsive web design is that your website is found better in the search engine. A profession that Mennes Creative understands and sees as one of the most important criteria for good responsive web design. Nine in ten internet users in the Netherlands use Google as the source for everything they search on the internet. It is therefore essential that your website can be found in this search engine for your target group.


    You want us to take care of the web design for your responsive site, but are you afraid that maintenance will become a complicated incidental issue? Nothing is less true. Because we specialize in both open source content management systems and customized solutions, managing your website or responsive webshop becomes a piece of cake. By means of an editor that looks a lot like Word, you can adjust all content without needing technical web design knowledge. This way you can focus on the core of the website; profile your organization and appeal to your target group! But it does not stop with just managing responsive web pages. With a CMS you can create, manage, copy or delete menus, templates, news items, mailings or files to your heart’s content. You can even drag the blocks of your web design and edit images online.