What is Responsive Webdesign?

Responsive webdesign is designing a website that adapts to the device with which the visitor uses the website. This means that the website adapts to layout on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. This makes it clear and neatly visible for every device. Because the number of different types of screen resolutions is still increasing, responsive web design is very important when designing your website.

If you want to use a responsive website, you only have one website that you must maintain. The responsive website itself shows the correct version for each device. This is adjusted to the resolution used. This makes the text easy to read in all cases and you don’t have to zoom in.

Switch to Responsive Webdesign

Nowadays you hear the term responsive website or web design more often. There are still a huge number of websites in 2017 that have not been adapted to be viewed on tablets or smartphones. Still, some 20 to 25 percent of online websites are not optimized for different formats.

For your online marketing strategy, you must immediately get started with responsive web design. A good layout of your website will result in you receiving and keeping more visitors on your website. They also move to action faster! A responsive website will also provide a more professional online look for your company.

Is your website already mobile friendly?

Test here if your website is responsive.

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With the responsive website tool above you can check if your website is responsive. Google regularly adjusts the search algorithm and mobile-friendly websites have been ranking higher for at least two years than websites created for a desktop only.

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and/or tablet. Therefore, it is no longer a choice to opt for a responsive website in 2017. Responsive web design is a must . The advantage of responsive web design is that it is very easy to combine with a content management system such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.

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